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Mr. Worldwide - Pitbull Tribute Band | Fantasy Springs Casino Resort

Mr. Worldwide, Stargazer Productions' ultimate PITBULL Tribute band takes the nation by storm performing Pitbull's iconic dance hits and remixes that keep parties ultra-hyped and fans ecstatic. Mr. Worldwide owns the stage, flanked by two amazing vocalists performing as Pitbull's celebrity star artists featured on his platinum albums. A chic, stellar live band provides the instrumentation, with the hottest dancers shaking up the stage.

Mr. Worldwide Pitbull Tribute Band live at Fantasy Springs Resort

Stargazer Productions Mr. Worldwide Pitbull Tribute

Mr. Worldwide - Pitbull Tribute band performs nationwide, available for private bookings, public concerts, casinos and resorts. This supercharged Tribute Act brings the raw talent, mannerisms, authenticity and showmanship necessary to replicate the one and only, PITBULL live show experience!


Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Mr. Worldwide Pitbull Tribute band boarded a plane in the hot summer Texas sun, taking to the sky headed for Palm Springs, California to rock the stage at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. With guitars strapped on backs and Mr. Worldwide looking sharp in his shades, the band loaded into their private transport bus waiting for them at the airport to take them to the renowned resort.

Private Bus to Mr. Worldwide tribute concert

The September sun in the desert of Palm Springs was unforgiving with temperatures above 110 degrees. It was hot! But this concert was going to be even hotter with hundreds of spectators eagerly waiting for the PITBULL tribute band to take the stage once the sun slipped beneath the horizon.

Fantasy Springs Resort hosts Mr. Worldwide Pitbull Tribute

Rising out of the desert, Fantasy Springs Casino Resort is an oasis with towering palm trees surrounding a welcoming pool with bathing beauties. The bus wound down the lushly-landscaped drive to unload into their gorgeous hotel suites provided by Fantasy Springs. The resort boasted a casino, exquisite dining, workout facilities, bowling, golf, and concerts with both indoor and outdoor concert halls and amphitheaters. The resort guests and band never experienced a dull moment.

The Rock Yard amphitheater featured two side-by-stages ready to be dominated by Mr. Worldwide, his special guest singers, band, and professional dancers. The anticipation built as the band set up for the show. The dancers warmed up and rehearsed their routines as the band tuned their instruments.

The Rock Yard concert with Mr. Worldwide Pitbull Tribute Band

Once darkness had settled in the California desert, the lights of the resort were illuminated transforming the concert area into a glowing beacon. The palm trees surrounding the staged looked surreal in the lights, as the crowd cheered when the PITBULL tribute, Mr. Worldwide, stepped onto the stage and the first notes broke the desert calm.

Mr Worldwide Pitbull Tribute Band performing live at Fantasy Springs Casino

Pitbull tribute band in California

Fans of songs like Fireball, DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love, Feel This Moment, Give Me Everything Tonight, Hotel Room Service, Timber, International Love, Don't Stop The Party, and I Know You Want Me were not disappointed. Mr. Worldwide sung them all and SO many more. The night was alive with music, dancing, and cheering from start to finish.

Fantasy Springs Resort and Pitbull tribute, Mr Worldwide

Dallas Pitbull tribute band, Mr Worldwide

The dancers captivated the audience with their hot, choreographed moves that lit Mr. Worldwide's songs on fire. These professional dancers hyped the crowd and engaged the audience as their energy rolled out across the sea of spectators.

The Mr. Worldwide PITBULL tribute show includes two outstanding vocalists singing the special guests and collaborators that are featured on Pitbull's best and most recognizable songs. Concert-goers get the full experience of their favorite songs sung by Mr. Worldwide and his celebrity guests like Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Flo Rida, Ke$ha, Ne-Yo, Lil' Jon, Chris Brown, Enrique Iglesias and Christina Aguilera, to name only a few.

Dallas Pitbull tribute band performs in California

Thank you Fantasy Springs for having Stargazer Productions' Mr. Worldwide perform at The Rock Yard. Until next time! Mr. 305 out...

By Dedra Weiss

Photo courtesy-Fantasy Springs Casino Resort

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