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Female DJs

Hire the best female DJs in Texas!

If you are looking for a female DJ for an event, party, or wedding, let Stargazer Productions' DJs help you get the party started. Offering some of the best Wedding & Event DJ services in the Dallas, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio regions, Stargazer Productions presents amazing female DJs for unparalleled events.

Our female DJs offer the right sound, look, and excitement for any type of event. From slow dancing to uptempo beats, these ladies know what it takes to get feet on the dance floor. A great event is always better with the right music DJ'ed by a unique professional experienced in special events.

We also offer a list of upgrades and features so you get not only the perfect sound but the perfect look. Get in touch and let’s make your event an event to remember.

See the FAQ's below for more information about our female DJ services.

DJ Tiff

Dallas female DJ, DJ Tiff
DJ Tiff is a female DJ in Dallas

DJ Gena

DJ Genafire is a female DJ
DJ Genafire spinning records at a gig

D Jay

DJ Tiff is a very popular female DJ in Dallas
DJ Tiff is a Texas female DJ for hire
Dallas and Fort Worth DJ, DJ Shelby

DJ Shelby

Female Dallas DJ's for events
Let female DJ, DJ Rico, take your event to the next level

DJ Rico

DJ Rico is a very talented Texas female DJ

DJ Yuna

DJ Yuna is available for events and parties
Popular female DJ, DJ Yuna

DJ Desire

Female DJ, Desire, will make your special event the best!
DJ Desire is a Texas DJ ready to rock your party!

DJ Audeo

DJ Audeo is an event DJ for hire
Texas DJ, DJ Audeo

DJ Fanci

DJ Fanci is a great addition to any event needing a female DJ
DJ Fanci is a professional DJ in Texas

DJ Javin

DJ Javin is perfect for any event
Female DJ, DJ Javin

Female DJ FAQ

What is the cost to hire a Stargazer DJ?

There are a few deciding factors that go into the cost of hiring a DJ. Depending on the location of the event, some of the DJs may need to travel (possible flights, hotel accommodations), which in turn will reflect the cost.

The number of hours the DJ is needed also determines pricing, as well as sound production, lighting, and any add-ons.
No need to worry if you don't have all of the details. We work with you every step of the way; from the day you book the DJ till the last call when your guests leave the venue. Contact Stargazer to book your DJ and get the ball rolling.

How far will your DJs travel?

Stargazer Productions is based in Dallas and Austin, TX. Our female DJs are from various cities across Texas and the USA. A majority of the events we do are in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and other areas in Texas. The DJs will travel anywhere in the USA or internationally. Wherever applicable, the cost of travel and/or accommodations will be factored into the price.

Can all of your female DJs play a requested style of music?

Our DJs are super experienced with reading the room and knowing what the crowd will react to. That being said, we can tailor the event's music to your exact musical needs or requirements. You (or your wedding or event planner) will work hand in hand with your chosen DJ and/or Stargazer entertainment manager to get EXACTLY what you want. Let us know what you need and consider it done.

How many songs do Stargazer's female DJs spin in an evening?

This depends on how long your wedding or event is. Typically, a block of 4 hours is approximately 50-60 songs.

Can we have a combo with a DJ and a live band for our wedding or event?
That would be fantastic! The more the merrier. Check out Stargazer Productions bands here. 

Why should I hire a female DJ?

Well... because it's badass. What else can we tell you? Whether it's DJ Klover or DJ Tiff, our awesome female DJs will make your event spectacular! We have some amazing male DJs as well. Just let us know and we will send you a list.

Can we bring some of our own music and have the DJ play it?

For sure! Just let us know ahead of time so we can be sure to have the correct cables to hook up your iPhone or USB drive.

What kind of add-ons do you have?

We have 4 add ons.

1. An upgraded light package with even MORE movers and lasers.

2. UP-Lighting for weddings and events including 8 to 16 LED lights.

3. A photo booth.

4. Extra wireless mics.

We won't push the upgrades on you, so make sure to ask us about the packages.

What's included?
This depends on the service you choose and any add-ons you would like. The standard package for parties and weddings will include your DJ, 4 hours of performance time, professional sound system including speakers, turntable, computer, and a microphone. The price also includes load-in, setup, and tear-down times.

Will there be anything I need to provide to the DJ?

Your DJ will provide all the equipment they need. The only things we ask for are a medium size table with clean linen and two 20 amp circuits for the DJ to plug in their equipment. 

Will there be any hidden charges?

No. Everything is 100% transparent and laid out in the contract.

Can the female DJs dress in specific attire for my event?

Absolutely! We can color coordinate to your specific needs, wear cocktail dresses, or wear casual clothing. Let us know and we'd be happy to oblige.

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