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Everyone cannot stop raving about the band (Electric Circus) we had at our wedding, which is a massive compliment considering half of the family are musicians. Thanks for making our day so memorable and fun. My calves were so sore when I woke up the next morning. Y'all were great and keep doing what y'all do!

- Carissa Blankenship



Electric Circus was fantastic at our wedding, our friends and family still talk about how great the music and party was. Having both a male and female vocal let them do almost any song we wanted and they were even willing to do songs out of thier comfort zone (we had a folky/country song as our first dance) All the band members were so fun to interact with but still very professional; knew how to get everyone up, dancing, and keep up the energy. Cord Stone at Stargazer Production was very easy to work with, he coordinated directly with our venue for equipment/timeline, accommodated our special requests (acoustic music for the ceremony), and made some great recommendations. Don't think twice about booking Electric Circus or else you might miss out!

- Mike Chen


Dear Cord,
It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of highest recommendation for the Space Rockers Band. I hired the band for a high school party that was being held for graduating seniors and all their friends. From start to finish, the band made the party a HUGE success!!! The band was genuinely interested in making sure that the kids had fun and that all the music they were interested in hearing was being played.The band delivered and the kids could not have had more fun dancing the night away.Cord ,the manager, was easy to contact, always willing to accommodate ,and wanted us to be happy....and we were!!! Everyone loved their costumes and they got the crowd going quickly and kept them going. In closing,the Space Rockers Band are a very devoted band with the capability to make your party really fun. Sincerely,
- Lindsay McGraw


I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the SPACE ROCKERS were awesome!
Although not all of the 591 people that registered for the conference showed up, the ones that did show, had a blast! We even had some guys that crashed the event because they heard the band playing! I have to tell you that all of the guys were so sweet and very professional on and off the stage. 
I hope they go far in their adventure as The Space Rockers, because they are so talented.
I am excited to learn that they have played an event here in Amarillo, TX and I hope they come again!
I will certainly pay to go see them. Thanks
- Pamela Frisk, NENA-APCO


MDE LOVES The Space Rockers!
You guys and super gal, Jen! -- rocked the house the other night! I have had so many people come up to me, telling me how much they LOVED you guys.Thank you so much for putting on the most entertaining, rockin' show! I've never seen so many people out on the dance floor at any of of our auction parties. The music selection definitely hit a cord with everyone -- all of us having flashbacks to college and our younger selves! You guys have set the new standard for our auction bands to come. I'm so glad I was able to find you. Cord, you were a pleasure to work with. Always polite and accommodating. We will definitely have you back at some point. You have a whole new legion of fans here in Houston!
Good luck and keep up the SUPER work!
- Jennifer Espey., Memorial Drive Elementary



You wouldn't think of Electric Circus as your typical wedding band but they are awesome! Everyone was very professional and the singing was amazing. They did an awesome job making announcements for toasts and tosses. Everybody had so much fun and was on the dance floor all night long.

- Annie Sokolova



Hey Cord! Just back from the honeymoon and saw this. The band was AWESOME and totally made the reception. Seriously, I can't think of enough words to rave about them!! Our friends were literally trying to throw money at them to keep playing - the party wouldn't have been the same with any other band. Thank you, thanks you, thank you!! Feel free to use my review anywhere it might help. :) Thanks again,
- Melanie Clancy

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how totally incredible The After Party was at Lizzie and Jeff's wedding. We have been to many, many weddings and I have never heard a band this phenomenal and engaging. If I heard it once, I heard it dozens of times how amazing the band was.People young and old loved the music and Lizzie could NOT have been happier. I think she danced most every dance. I have already had 2 or 3 inquiries among friends of ours for the band's info. Once again, many thanks for sending us an amazing band. They were just better than anything I imagined they would be.
Most sincerely, Suzie Kovach



We had so much fun on Saturday night! Something sad, my calves are killing me and are soooo sore. Guess I'm out of shape from all that jumping around. More reason to get in shape for the wedding!
Thanks for taking the time to chat with us on Sat night. It was great to meet you!
- Laura Jefferson (Before the Wedding)

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding! Everyone loved you guys!! You may have lined up some future gigs :-)
People can't stop telling us how much fun they had, thanks to you guys.
- Laura Jefferson (After the Wedding)


Where do I begin?  Jay and I were truly honored to have The Space Rockers perform at our wedding.  We feel so lucky to have found you!  And honestly, you were the hit of the night - as we knew you would be.  You set the tone for the reception right from the start - thanks for making it such a fantastic party!  Thank you for all the work you did to prepare for our wedding, and for traveling such a great distance to come to Hershey (I know you barely slept that entire weekend).  You guys are incredibly gifted and talented.  True artists.  We so enjoyed working with you. You are incredibly talented, and we feel truly fortunate to have been able to be recipients of this talent.

We think so very highly of your band (The Space Rockers) , and if we can ever serve as a reference for you for future potential weddings, or do anything else, simply say the word.  We wish you nothing but the best and look forward to seeing you guys back in Dallas and Austin!  Thank you again for everything. Gratefully,
- Sam & Jay Heidbrink, Hershey, Pennsylvania



I have heard nothing but compliments from everyone and they want you guys back next year for sure. I hope you guys (The Space Rockers) had a great time as well. I hope you didn’t mind our “Robot” guys coming out and being a part of your show. None of us had any idea that they were going to do that but I will admit it was pretty funny. We may be a small town with a small club but we have a lot of people that love to dance and party every now and then. I talked to the person that is having the small event in September and she said that she would love to have you guys but now she is afraid that it would draw too big of a crowd! As soon as we get next year’s tournament date set in stone then I’ll get with you and get it booked. I’m sure I’ll see you around at another show between now and then. As a matter of fact we may even drop down to see you guys at the El Dorado in August.
- Thomas Carter, Hillsboro Country Club


I was wondering if you could provide me with a list of songs that you normally perform. I'm having a wedding and I've never danced so much in my life as when I saw you guys (The Space Rockers) perform live at Sherlock's. It was amazing and hilarious to say the least. Do you guys do weddings? Thanks

- Ellen Peskuric


     We saw The Space Rockers at the Isle of Capri Casino in Lake Charles, LA and loved the show. We stayed from the start to finish. We told others to go see you. Keep sending dates and we will try to go if it isn't too far from Lake Charles or maybe take a short trip. Y'all have something special that other groups don't come close to.

     I hope that this will get into the hands of someone in the band. I have a very odd, yet hopefully do-able, request. My boyfriend went to Key West this past March and saw you guys perform for the first time and loves you. We live in NY, and when he came back you were all he talked about for a week straight. He went on youtube and tried to be the first person to upload video of you from Key West (wasn't going to happen obviously, he was crushed haha) and to this day has your card pinned up on his cork board above his desk.

     Anyways, his birthday is coming up in August, and I don't know what to get the guy who has everything.....except a photographed picture of you guys. I know it would be the coolest surprise and present for him. I am completely willing to print the picture, pay for postage both ways etc. if you guys are all willing to sign it? Maybe even write a little message to him on it? It would mean so much to me, and I know it would to him too. He is turning 24, and i know if he thought there was any way to get you guys up to NY he would try to do it. Thank you so much!
- Jen Hermenet


I accidentally caught you guys (The Space Rockers) the other night at Sherlocks in Austin. It was the best accident I have ever done!! I'm driving to Shreveport to catch your show this Friday.
Your Fan,

- Amy Harris


Hey dudes! Y'all probably don't remember me... But...I saw y'all (The Space Rockers) perform at The Glass Cactus not too long ago. I'm the twin named Erica, and I'm a terribly nerdy dancer (: Haha sis took some awesome pics! But, um, yes, I am a super fan now, because you guys put on the most entertaining show Ever! I feel so nerdy even e-mailing y'all, but you guys deserve a million compliments because you are Super amazing! Anyway, take care, keep rockin', & maybe next time you guys visit the planet, I'll come see another show!
- Erica Norwood


My wife Cindy and I are planning to see The Space Rockers at the Eldorado in Shreveport on February 25.We never miss em in Shreveport!We already have tables reserved as there is a large party from East Texas coming with us that night!
- Keith Millard


I would just like to say that ya'll (The Space Rockers) are the most entertaining band EVER and I love watching you perform and just wish that you were based in the DFW area so we could see you more often.... My boyfriend and I come to watch you whenever you are in Dallas at any of the Sherlock's and have also enjoyed your show at Cool River on a few occasions. We seem to have the most fun together when we are dancing and laughing together at one or your shows.
- Tara :)


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