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DJ Tiff

DJ Tiff is one of the hottest and in-demand Female DJs in Dallas!

“Infectious Excitement, Personable, & Creator of Feel Good Atmospheres".

That is how DJ Tiff describes herself and she will always be found behind her DJ booth with a huge smile and dancing to any tune that hits the speakers.

Having grown up with a wide variety of music playing in the kitchen from Elvis Presley, The Beatles, to Celine Dion among other favorites of her parents, she has an unimaginable knowledge of music and different genres.

From a young age, she was creating “radio stations" and playing DJ on her karaoke machine at home unknowing that many years later she would become on air radio personality and taught to DJ for the local radio station at age 16. After a few years as a radio DJ, she decided to travel and make a name for herself in the Clearwater, Florida nightclubs and bars either dJing and hosting karaoke.

“For me, it's all about creating a mood with music and watching the transition from nodding your head, to tapping your feet and before you know it you have tired feet and a grin ear to ear. Its about bringing memories to life with lyrics and a melody.”

DJ Tiff now DJ's weddings, corporate functions, and private events in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. But, don't be surprised if you see her out dJing 5ks and charity events as she devotes a lot of her Saturday mornings volunteering to mix music and MC at fundraisers.

Dallas female Wedding and Party DJ
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To book Dallas DJ Tiff, give us a call or text at 512-576-6343 or use the form below.

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