Austin Wedding Bands

Performing Austin Weddings since 2007, Stargazer Productions bands have set high standards for live band wedding entertainment.  Satellite, First Class, The After Party, and Electric Circus are some of our most sought after wedding bands that can be customized with a horn section for a larger, more powerful live music effect.

Stargazer Productions is a creative source for wedding entertainment

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Stargazer Productions - Fun Bands for Cool People

The Best Austin Bands for a Fun Wedding Reception

Many of our bands are themed and funky and are perfect for a unique deviation from the typical cover band, which echos the diverse and individualistic people of Austin. Bands like The Space Rockers and Electric Circus are one-of-a kind wedding bands that will make a lasting impression on guests and set your wedding apart from any other.  However, if you love these bands, yet need a traditional look, they can dress in formal attire upon request.

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