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Electric Circus | Trinity School of Texas Fundraiser and Gala

Electric Circus band is THE party band for all Texas school events

The Trinity School of Texas fundraising gala was a night to remember. Guests stepping into the KRS Jet Center in Longview, Texas were transported into a vintage circus right within a functioning airplane hanger. The Sapphire Circus event, hosted by Trinity School, was a unique circus-themed gala, and what better band to entertain the guests than Stargazer Productions' Texas party band, Electric Circus!

The Sapphire Circus Gala and Stargazer Productions party bands

For over 60 years, Trinity School of Texas has been committed to the spiritual growth, personal honor, and ethical leadership of their students so they can thrive on campus and as adults. Generous patrons attended the gala to help support the school's mission.

Hear what the Trinity School of Texas said about Electric Circus in the video above.

Circus lights for Texas events

As the guests arrived, they were greeted with mellow music, streamed over the professional sound system operated by Stargazer Productions' audio engineer.

Prior to the event, the event chair and Cord Stone of Stargazer Productions planned the portions of the evening so there was a seamless flow of music from guest arrival to cocktail hour, and the party featuring Electric Circus.

Gala audience watching the Texas party band, Electric Circus

The silent auction featured some outstanding items generously donated by sponsors. Guests perused the auction items on the lavishly decorated tables, hoping to spot the perfect one to bid on to support the school. The decorations in the hanger were outstanding, creating an authentic circus feel. Opulent curtains hung from the walls, tables were decorated with circus tents, and the announcer was the perfect ringleader.

Ballerinas on podiums flanked the stage where Electric Circus performed, and ariel acrobats wowed the guests with their daring hoop act. It was a magical evening!

Combined with the high energy of the Electric Circus band, the guests couldn't resist getting on the dancefloor and showing off their moves to the hottest dance hits thumping from the speakers.

Electric Circus band on stage in Longview TX

People dancing to Texas band, Electric Circus, on the cool checkered dancefloor

The black and white checkerboard dancefloor was packed with reveling guests the whole night. Electric Circus played hit after hit; the energy was contagious.

The night soon was nearing an end, but the guests were not ready to depart, asking Electric Circus for an encore! The music soared through the hanger once more, as the band played an encore song to close out the evening.

Beautiful ladies at the Trinity School of Texas gala in Longview

The fundraising gala was a success!

Thank you Trinity School of Texas for having Longview Texas party band, Electric Circus, perform at your spectacular fundraiser.

Electric Circus is the perfect choice for themed or formal events. Visit Stargazer Productions for more information about Texas BEST party band Electric Circus.

Photo credits: Trinity School of Texas

By Dedra Weiss

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