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Satellite Band | Hidden Trails 80's Prom

The Hidden Trails community wound back the clock for their 80's prom night featuring Satellite, the raddest party band of any decade. Stargazer Productions coordinated with the HOA to make their 80's prom night the most memorable Friday the 13th event for their homeowners and guests.

Stargazer Productions worked closely with the Hidden Trails event organizers months before the prom, selecting songs and planning the evening. The HOA had special requests for specific Satellite singers, which Stargazer Productions was happy to arrange for them. Satellite is a versatile top-40 dance band, but they played a full night of 80's with a few extra special songs for this iconic night.

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Satellite performed hit after 80's hit, transporting everyone back to the decade of legwarmers and acid-washed jeans. To appeal to all ages, they added some 90's and modern day hits as well. The dancefloor was packed with people showing off their moves. The Running Man and Cabbage Patch dominated, while a few broke out their MC Hammer moves. It was a prom to remember.

The excitement built throughout the evening, with everyone's eyes on the crowns. Who would be voted the coveted Prom King and Prom Queen? The votes were coming in, and soon the Hidden Trails community royalty would be crowned.

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Cheers roared as the crown was placed on the 2022 Prom Queen, joined by her King. Confetti fell from above and a bouquet of roses added to the enchantment of the moment. The band belted out their 80's best as the Hidden Trails king and queen posed for the cameras.

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The singers of Satellite MC'd the event with the help of Lenny, a true Hidden Trails icon. There wasn't a dull moment the whole night. The energy was high, the mood lively, and the band was on fire. The Friday the 13th Hidden Trails 80's prom will definitely go down in this community's history books.

Thank you Hidden Trails for having Stargazer Productions' Satellite band perform your special community event. Your community is quite special, and we're so glad to have been a part of your celebration. For anyone wanting to give that extra flare to your special event, contact Stargazer Productions for your band entertainment.

By Dedra Weiss

Photos courtesy of Johnathan De La Cruz @mrblacktino

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